If Your Dog Could Talk, He Would Say, “Get Me a Hale Pet Door!”

Why would your pooch be so particular about a dog door?


  • Your dog wants you to be happy, and he knows that Hale Pet Door makes the most durable, trouble-free pet door available
  • Your dog knows you’re a savvy shopper and the Hale Pet Door 5-Year Warranty is the most comprehensive that even covers the flaps
  • Your dog knows that your home’s energy efficiency is important and the Hale Pet Door has the best sealing flaps that keep dust, bugs and outside air out while keeping conditioned air inside where it belongs
  • Your dog knows how valuable your time is (you would rather take him to the park in your spare time), and Hale Pet Door has professional installers that guarantee their work
  • Your dog wants your home to be safe and secure and the Hale Pet Door has an unbreakable security cover (for when she’s not home guarding your castle) with a positive action pin lock

With Phoenix’s extreme temperatures, you want to keep your pets safe and comfortable. If you must be away from home for hours on end, a pet door ensures your pets’ comfort. When you are home, you can relax while your pets let themselves in and out.

Be sure to get the pet door that your dog prefers—the dog door that will ensure your comfort and peace of mind—a Hale Pet Door.

Call 800-888-8914 or come to our showroom at 5644 North 53rd Avenue in Glendale to see the best pet doors you can buy. Or fill out the form above right

Made in Phoenix since 1985

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"I just completed scheduling an appointment with your Glendale, AZ store. The salesman, Jason, was very helpful and a pleasure to talk with. Tell Mr. Hale that he installed my pet door in 1994 and the quality of employees has not changed. " - Danny P. - Phoenix, AZ
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